Ever the lover of beautiful jewellery of course I couldn't resits when I was recently invited to collaborate again with Miglio Jewellery Design. The photos are still being edited but I thought I would share with you a little preview.
I met photographer Katie Louise Donnelly out in the countryside near Colchester. Here we created our dreamlike shoot inside Katies stunning family manor house. We had been planning the shoot for a few months and I was so excited to finally get back in-front of the camera.
As for the jewellery, well I offer you a small glimpse here but each piece was absolutely gorgeous. The beautiful rose gold bangles along with the matching earrings were especially stunning to shoot with, offering a simple elegance to the styling. While the fresh water pearls and silver charms added a romantic feeling to the whole piece.

Our theme was inspired by dreams, romance and subtle elegance. We wanted the jewellery to be a main focus along with soft, natural lighting to set the scene. The outfits, while being lingerie, were intended to be romantic rather than being overly seductive and to be a simple base to lay the jewellery - we didn't want the photos to look like a seductive lingerie shoot - we were going for elegance and natural beauty. 

Miglio Jewellery is an absolute dream to work with, so elegant and easy to wear that I almost forgot I was wearing it.

Along with the jewellery, I also wore Pixi by Petra make-up and Halo hair extensions.  


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