I know a lot of people claim that their niece is the best thing ever but I can say, with near 
certainty, that my little Princess really is the sweetest little thing in all the land. 
 Today I have let my lovely little niece, Brooke, and her mum, Hayley, take over 
carriedbyfoxes so get yourselves ready for cuteness.. 

Brooke and me earlier this year!
This little sweet-pea has just celebrated her third birthday and we can't believe how quick that time has gone. I thought it was about time that she made her modelling debut over here at carriedbyfoxes and what better way to start then a day full of mud trying out her new Term Wellies.
Brooke really is a peculiar child at times. She has a love for creepy-crawlies and loves getting muddy (much to the dismay of her mum who loves putting her in pretty dresses). However, Like me, Brooke finds the best accessory to a pretty dress is a pair of muddy wellies and she will wear them everywhere.
Brooke is an adventurous child and is very kind to animals, helping nana care for a bunch of old chickens, a few clumsy ducks, two dogs, a cat and three horses. With all that time up the farm, she certainly could do with an extra pair of wellies (or two).
When I was asked to review a pair of Term Wellies, I jumped at the opportunity to recapture some of Brookes best moments.  I ordered her a pair of pink wellies with detachable wellie sock and instructed Hayley to take Brooke up the farm and to let her "run wild and free". Instructing her to fill my inbox with cuteness and boy did she do me proud. The weather hasn't been that great down at the farm recently so Brooke didn't get many chances to pair her wellies with any of her cute dresses but I think the strawberry patch rain suit certainly worked well.

Hayley says "Brooke absolutely loves the wellies. She never takes them off. And the wellie sock is great for fit and comfort." I saw Brooke a few weeks ago when her wellies had just arrived and despite being very tired and already wearing her pj's she was still very excited to show me hew new wellies - and yes, they match very nicely with Peppa Pig pj's.

Term Shoes are a British brand using British design specifically for children. Using the best fabrics to aid comfort and style for all day, every day wear. They have an extensive colour and size ranges to keep your little wonders feet toasty and happy. The sock keeps your little one really warm but you can also remove it out when the boot gets a little more snug, to give those little toes more wiggle room! You can shop their full range here: Term Footwear.

I think you'll agree this little Princess has done a wonderful job modelling for Term Wellies.


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