My hair journey continues.. This time it is the incredible Daniel Fields
organic and mineral water based hair dyes being reviewed . 
No bunnies were harmed for the sake for my vanity!

This post was a long time coming because it was the hardest to get right! As you may or may not know, i'm not a natural redhead - I fake it. People often can't tell because my incredible, award winning colourist got it so very right. However, my colour was always a sore subject for me as a cruelty free blogger as it was the one thing I had yet to switch.

With so many natural brands out there, really I was spoilt for choice but I was afraid of loosing my perfect shade after trying to perfect it for so long. I also worked at a salon so I couldn't exactly get away with going somewhere else. But, eventually my amazing colourist moved on to a new role somewhere else and so did I and so I decided it was time I claimed back the responsibility I had over my hair and took the chance on natural.
My mum was on a similar mission as me - trying to find natural, cruelty-free dyes and we shared many links with one another over the course of a few weeks but none of them offered my exact shade, a natural ginger which looked like it was always mine.

Eventually I came across Daniel Field water based dyes. The first time I used it, I wasn't impressed and I felt the colour made no difference, but, I decided to give it another try only this time I went for two shades - one a brighter orange and the other was the same copper shade as before.
It's safe to say that I made an absolute mess. I had colour all over my face, shoulders, floor.. luckily, this all washed off with a quick splash of water  - no harsh scrubbing required (unlike usual box dyes). I decided to leave the colour on for an hour and it didn't even itch. Usually I find dyes really irritating on my scalp due to the chemicals however due to the natural ingredient base, I had no problem with this whatsoever, I almost forgot I had it on my head.

I was a little nervous as on its own, the brighter copper was miles off my normal shade but I risked it and mixed the two powders together and followed the instructions adding just enough warm water and shaking it up as instructed.

And the result? I must say I am so over the moon with my colour, it is absolutely perfect. Every time I catch my reflection, I smile. Not only is the colour perfect, it is also natural and cruelty free meaning i'm not hurting the environment or any little animals for my vanity.I couldn't be happier with the shade and the coverage - even the roots blended beautifully.

I forgot to mention, the dyes contain no active bleaching agent, alcohol or ammonia and are free from PPD. Simply add water, shake and apply. Daniel Field natural hair dye adds natural colour and even covers grey hair naturally. I mixed Radiant Copper Red and Radiant Red Hot Chilli, however remember that my hair already contains a ginger tint - the colour will always vary depending on the colour your hair is to start with.

Whether you're looking for a little hint of colour or an all over wow, check out Daniel Field Organic and Mineral Haircare.


  1. Hey Megan , looking fabulous wish my skin tone could still accommodate reds.
    I am still on my quest with natratint pretty good but nothe found quite what I want yet thought I would keep using the semi until I find the right one.
    Manic panic and fire fox also look fabulous for the brave X
    Spread the love red head x

    1. Thanks mumma! Have you had a look at the Daniel Field website yet? They're so easy to apply and have more natural shades. There is a nice ash colour and also some nice blondes which would tone your highlights nicely :). x I also think the radiant copper red would look lovely on your ends :) x


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