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When I was young, my family and I lived in the middle of the woods. Being a dreamer, even back then, I would spend my afternoons foraging in the woodlands, collecting strange and beautiful weeds to create potions with. I always had this thing with fairy-tales and witchcraft and I would pretend to make potions as part of a story I was telling myself. I've never been afraid of nature and would spend entire afternoons climbing waterfalls or saving the little woodland creatures my cat had left on our doorstep the night before.

Now, a little older, I use nature as an inspiration, be it through art, writing, photography or the product range I am working on. I am a training aromatherapist and my next course will be a flower remedies course. It fascinates me how you can find all the answers within nature, if only you look hard enough.

When it comes to beauty, I believe that nature once again holds the answers. Natural beauty ranges are becoming increasingly popular. We are becoming more cautious of what we put in or on our bodies and I think that is a wonderful thing.

So what is the future design of beauty? Well that's an easy question to answer; the future of beauty is going back to basics, using nature and the elements not only as an inspiration but as a tool. There are plenty of brands who are already doing this by using minerals as colour pigments. The benefits to our skin for using natural ingredients are remarkable and there are even some brands which claim their makeup, when left on over night, will actually nourish your skin as you sleep. 

When I was contacted by CG Trader and asked to enter their competition on the future of design, I thought what better place to talk about the evolution of beauty.

For instance, did you know that millennials are environmentally conscious? While growing up in a world at its worst state of economic climate, we seek out products that are not only good for us but good for the world that we live in.We look for brands that share our values and buy products which use sustainability ingredients. We look towards our future and try to save it. Just look at how many organic, botanical ranges there are on the market these days. Everyone wants a bit of mother natures natural kindness. Past fashions used ingredients directly from nature to create their products so there is clearly a basis for developing on this design, be it clay, minerals or even oils derived from plants.
The future of beauty is in our hands and it is time we start making the right decisions. Not only is it important to consider what we put onto our skin but it is just as important to consider how these products are tested. Can you believe that in this day and age, we still test our products on animals? What a barbaric fashion supported by the beauty companies. It isn't hard to find an all natural, cruelty free brand these days; PETA stamp, vegan leaf, leaping bunnies, these are all signs of a brand who is thinking consciously. These are all things that millennials consider highly important and the future development of products needs to consider not only ingredients but also the cruelty free element.

So, what is the future design of beauty? The future is in nature. The design is creating sustainability.

Thank you to Brogan for being my model for this feature. We created this look using all cruelty free brands with mineral ingredients at their core. Products used: Barry.M, Pixi and The English Mineral Make-up Company.


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