"...he merely dropped an acorn button into her hand, so she slowly returned her face to where it had been before, and said nicely that she would wear his kiss on a chain around her neck. It was lucky that she did put it on a chain, for it was afterwards to save her life..."
Growing up, I never actually paid much attention to the charm of Peter Pan. In hindsight, however, Peter Pan is quite an accurate fit for me; It is a tale of magic, mischief and a desire to never grow up; which pretty much sums me up entirely! I have styled this piece around its inspiration, Pan's Kiss*.
When Natalie Toms sent me one of her darling Pan's Kiss necklaces, I could think of no better way to pay honour to it than to style a Wendy themed photoshoot in the woodlands. Unfortunately, living in central London had me somewhat limited for rustic woods, so instead we opted for Holland Park as our backdrop. 

It wasn't until after I was dressed, that I decided to check what outfit Wendy wore in Peter Pan, and how happy I was to discover that my chosen OOTD was a pretty accurate one after all.  The lovely trim of the sleeve and the beautiful way it falls down my back had me feeling like a modern day Wendy. 

Whilst walking around Holland Park, my eyes were attracted to this lovely acorn leaf and I couldn't resist picking it up and using it in some shots. Like me, Natalie Toms is a lover of foraging and I feel that she would appreciate the fact that whilst out photographing her stunning acorn charm, I happened to stumble across the leaf itself.

Inspired by the tale of Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie, this beautiful acorn is Natalie's unique take of Pan's Kiss. Using the above quote as inspiration and her natural surroundings as her source for foraging - each Pan's Kiss is unique in its character, size and charm. Each acorn has been collected by Natalie on her wanderings around the Cornish woodlands, moorland and hedgerows before being dried and eventually varnished. The charm is then placed on an 18" 925 sterling silver trace chain and presented in a jewellery box which has been made from recycled materials, and wrapped with twine. Inside each box is a little drawing and title.

We all know that I am a sucker for supporting smaller businesses and environementally friendly items and this necklace checks those boxes, as well as so many more! Natalie Toms, like me, grew up in Cornwall - and it is somewhat surprising that our paths never actually crossed (in true Cornish style, of everyone knowing everyone!). I can't remember how I first came across her beautiful artwork, but I remember the very first piece I ever purchased from her, titled Lion Hearted Girl which Natalie signed and numbered, and I still have framed at home in Cornwall. I've followed her work in awe ever since and watched as she transformed her style and built her beautiful studio, Tales of Underwood.
Little lesser known fact about me, is that when Tom asked me to marry him, the first thing I said (quite possibly before I even said "Yes") was in fact, "I don't want to be a grown up" so how could I ever resist or deny the charm of Peter Pan and his delicate kiss? 

“It is not in doing what you like, but in liking what you do that is the secret of happiness.” 

I would like to say thank you to Natalie for supporting my own journey and for sending me this lovely charm, - it really is so perfect and wonderfully captures my childhood and my love of nature - while also capturing my love of a good story. I am certain this won't be the only shoot you see this charming piece featured in on my page. You can look at Natalie's beautiful work via the link here and follow her work via her Instagram here.


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