These are feelings brought forth by the coming of autumn; they are not listed in order 
of importance but in the order which they appear fresh in my mind.
I have always been a fan of Autumn. I grew up, for much of my life, in the middle of the woods so the coming of Autumn makes me feel homely. The sound of trees stroking the top of our roof and the wind slightly rocking me to sleep, these are the reasons I have come to love the season so much. Autumn to me, brings with it an excitement which never seems to fade away; an excitement and feeling of magic and nostalgia. 

The falling of leaves show us the nature is adaptable to change and exposes a new kind of bare beauty. The sound of crisp leaves crunching under my toes brings a childish thrill to walking down the street, and the late evenings have me longing for hot chocolates, knitted jumpers and cuddles with loved ones after a long day at work. All in all, I would say that autumn is a time for dreamers.
A snapshot of autumn will always include fallen leaves, knitted sleeves pulled down to my knuckles, copious cups of tea and several hundred pairs of black tights; the subtle scent of pumpkin spice floating in the air, or roasted nuts offered in paper cups by the side of the road. Autumn is a time for pleasant scents and orangey colours, late sun rise and early sun sets, holding hands and Eskimo kisses. So these are the feelings brought forth by the coming of autumn, they are not listed in order of importance but in the word which they appear fresh to my mind. 

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