"And what a terrible struggle with reality, your dreams
have brought about!"
- Mademoiselle De Maupin
I'm one of those people who needs a pencil nearby when they read - I love jotting down little lines from my favourite books, making a note of feelings or simple underlining something which was so sweet that it made me smile. The above quote is actually quite a sad one but one I have always loved. In fact, I just searched three notebooks to find where I had last jotted it down so that I could quote it accurately.
The reason I have always loved that line is because I have always been a dreamer and sometimes I let my wild imagination, my dreams, run amuck. Though a wonderful way to live, it can be a dangerous practice at times when you come to question your accomplishments against your dreams and admiration. The dreamer here (the poet and the artist), is cursed upon for creating such vivid desires that no man can live up to - no fruit can ever taste so sweet. This leads to the writer comparing his own experiences against this and being saddened by the results.
I wanted to write this blog post because at times, fairly often in fact, I let my dreams run wild, and knowing that I can't fulfill them I often stop myself in my tracks, drop down my pen and give up. Recently I took a break from my blog as a result of this. I wasn't getting to where I wanted with it, I didn't have the time, money or resources and one way or another I just stopped. I talked myself out of trying. I gave up. 
Recently, however, I have been re-inspired. I have found old forgotten stories I started, photography ideas I wished I could create, words that needed to be jotted. I guess the reason I wrote this post, and the reason I came back to this line tonight was because I didn't want any of you to feel uninspired. Sometimes we get to a space where we're tired and we want a pause, but I'm asking you not to give up. Use that pause to discover yourself. Find what you love and the words will follow.

So this was a bit of a strange one from me tonight but it's something I've wanted to say for a while. I needed to say it for myself and for anyone out there who has stopped believing in their words, their cause or the power of a good photo. Find yourself and be true to the person at the end of the tunnel. There is always a light at the end of a rut and you can find your way to it. 

Oh, and it's okay to be a dreamer - i've based some of my best work on it. Just don't let your dreams outshine your reality.

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